HAJ.jpgCan anybody call himself ‘civilized’ if he doesn’t have even a dilettante's knowledge of the roles played by religions, ideologies, philosophies, history, arts and sciences in the process of transformation of the caveman to the modern 'ethnocentric machination’?


Man is the only creature on earth’s surface that refuses to be what he is and challenges his own identity and entity. This ‘arrogance’ is manifested through his questioning habit. Even the most intelligent chimpanzee doesn’t wonder why it is caged, though it may express its impulsive reaction to escape through his anger and ferociousness! Animals are driven by impulses and instincts! Hence they don’t construct dams, make aircrafts, institutionalize man-woman relationship, elect presidents or build up knowledge bases!


Man’s wealth of knowledge has been acquired through his questioning habit which is the prime mover of knowledge acquisition! Acquisition of knowledge is always using one’s intellect, or nous (a Greek philosophical term). ‘Nous’ drives out useless things and retain the good. This ‘filtering’ is done after collecting information through the five senses and intuition. Epistemologists usually debate on whether knowledge can be acquired a posteriori (empiricism: the notion that knowledge is obtained through experience and rationalism: that knowledge can be acquired through the use of reason) or a priori. Objectivism in acquisition of knowledge comprises of learning from examples, analogy, observation, experience, exploration and discovery, written texts etc.


The first verse revealed to Prophet Mohammed (SA) was exhorting man to 'read'!  'Reading' is the first element of the 3 fundamental R's, namely Reading, wRiting and 'Rithmetic! Today’s reader will be tomorrow’s leader. Absence of reading makes a man dull, a society numb and a nation ruined!  One doesn't have to burn books to destroy a civilization, just getting that people away from reading will be enough. When Halagu Khan burned the Grand Library of Baghdad in 1258 he was inadvertently marking the end of a great civilization.


So, enjoy reading articles on various topics ranging from education, history, science, religion, philosophy and so on. The site basically targets reading enthusiasts, students, teachers and researchers! Published and unpublished papers on various subjects by various authors ranging from engineering and management to stock markets are published here.


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